4 apps that make my life better!

I am super grateful to be living in the age of technology. There are so many functions and aides available in the portable delight of my trusty iPhone that make my brain clearer and my days easier. 

I am not particularly techy. But I’m all for working smarter not harder – these apps help me do that. They’re not new or fancy but here’s how I use them. 

Calendar App 

This is about mind management. I keep ALL of my daily movements, appointments and events in this and I do whatever it tells me. I don’t say yes to any invitation or appointment without checking &/or entering it in my calendar. Having all this information centralised and on hand allows me to check the night before what my day will look like, eliminate the chances of a double booking and it’s programmable alerts (inclusive of allowing travel times) keep me on track throughout the day. 

Read more about the psychology behind it here – why you should remember nothing

Over – photo editing & image creation 

I use this to create all of my visuals for social media and communication. Blog graphics, quote images, invitations and promotions are all created in this super intuitive app. I import photos from free sites (such as StockSnap.io and Pexels.com) and use in-app artwork, fonts and templates to generate high res images for export to online or printing. 

There are font and image packages and upgrades available. I’ve purchased some and have found them great value but the basic package is sufficient without them.  

YouVersion Bible App 

The usefulness of this app cannot be overstated. From the benefit of having a Bible with me always (when I would not otherwise have access to a paper Bible) to its extensive range of translations and reading and devotional plans through to the audio functions – this is such a powerful app. You can book mark and highlight favourite passages, generate images of verses, interact with other users, host events …if only it could make me a coffee it’d be perfect! 🙂

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I am 110% sure I’m barely scratching the surface of the functionality of this app but what I’ve started to use I love. It’s a ‘digital notebook’ – a place to collate lists, notes and ideas that is always accessible. I use it to keep records and notes for meetings with individuals or teams, ideas for events and messages, and shopping lists all in the one place. Groups can collaborate via shared notebooks. Images and text can be saved as well as scribbles and drawings. 

What about you? What apps do you use frequently? Which ones would you recommend?

One thought on “4 apps that make my life better!

  1. Trello! I use it all day. Think a wall of electronic post-it notes. It has all my to-do’s sorted in a GTD kind of way, plus you can label with multiple colours, and catalogue my books, and plan curriculum, oh my word it is my brain. Evernote and Feedly would be my next two. And (ahem) Settlers of Catan…?!?!

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