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‘This is a brilliant book that holds a crucial message for the church today on a topic that is rarely considered. It is communicating a message that is not currently being spoken about but so desperately needs to be heard.’

Kylie Butler

Understanding Singleness in God’s family

When church is at its best it is a place of authentic community for everyone; a place where people can grow and thrive as they experience belonging and connection in Jesus’ family and mission.


Without a family of their own do they find a true experience of family among us? Where is the place for the not-yet-married, the widow, the divorced or the never married? What are their unique needs and how do we address them? What unique gifts do Singles bring to our churches and how do we maximise them?

‘What We Cannot Be Alone’ is not a book for Singles; it’s a book for the entire church. From many years of ministry and personal experience Kimberly leads us in a frank and open dialogue that addresses the real challenges, considerations and blessings of singleness and the role we play in being to Singles what they cannot be alone.

How to purchase the paperback edition

BOOK CURRENTLY OUT OF PRINT -stay tuned for new edition.

Kindle ebook NOW AVAILABLE – Click here

20 thoughts on “The Book

  1. Hi there,
    I ordered this book back on 2nd August and haven’t received anything yet. Not even any correspondence. PayPal has processed it so I emailed the email address linked to the payment via PayPal. That person said she knows nothing about it. Maybe PayPal has the wrong address. I don’t know. Could you check somehow?


    1. Hi Kelly,
      Your payment has definitely need received and I believe a book was sent to you but if it hadn’t arrived yet something has clearly gone wrong.
      So sorry about that!
      Will ship another one out to you ASAP.
      I’ll let you know when it’s in the mail and maybe you can let me know when it gets to you?
      Sorry again, thanks for checking on it!!


      1. That would be great Kim. Perhaps you may want to check the email listed on your paypal account too as the Kim I emailed had no idea what I was talking about. Do let me know when it’s in the mail. Thank you.


      2. Ok Kelly, it’s on its way to you! Hopefully it arrives safely. 🙂
        The email linked to my PayPal is I did receive your payment and notification of it etc – so I’m not sure which email you’re referring to?
        Is there a setting somewhere that I’m not seeing?
        Again – so sorry this has been a bit of an ordeal. 😕


      3. Oh good. It’s not here yet but tomorrow is another postal day. (Though AusPost seems to have slowed down.) When I ordered your book, paypal immediately sent me an email to notify me of the transaction. On that was the one I emailed: kimberlyrsmith@…..


      4. It arrived today!! I’m excited to read it. I’m a long term single and, like you, have hopes for married being in God’s plans for me but whether it is or not I want my life to be about Him. Plus we have freshly felt reminding that we need to learn to be family at my church so I’m anticipating God’s voice/promptings in this reading.


  2. What an inspirational book for Christ’s body – the Church – for today. Would highly recommend not only to all leaders but all believers, regardless of personal circumstances or denomination. What could more pleasing to God than to express the love of Jesus Christ to all that come into the Church, unsaved and saved alike. Caring and building up the family of God into the fullness of Christ for His glory. Well done Kimberly, yours in Christ – John


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