Upcoming Speaking Engagements



Past Events

Oct 21 – Beaumauris Baptist Parent Conversation

Oct 17 – Aldgate Baptist Church SA

Oct 14-16 Women’s Retreat – Edwardstown Baptist Church SA

Aug 27 – You. The Leader – CYC Ministries

Aug 20 & 21 – North Brisbane Salvation Army QLD

Aug 13 – Bloom Conference (Moolap & Barrabool Hills Baptist Church)


Nov 22 – Mill Park Baptist Church

Nov 07 – Focus on the Family Interview Part 1 (listen here)

Nov 01 – Werribee Baptist Church (listen here)

Oct 25  – Enfield Baptist Church (SA) (listen here)

Oct 25 – Aldgate Baptist Church (SA)


Oct 08 – National Youth Ministry Convention

Aug 30  – Barrabool Hills Baptist Church  (listen here for AM message) (listen here for PM message)

Aug 02 – Syndal Baptist Church (Listen here)

Apr 26 – Werribee Baptist Church (Listen here)


Kimberly is available to speak at your church services or events. Use the inquiry form below to submit your request, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!


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