Upcoming Speaking Engagements 2021 –

Jul 25 – Croydon Hills Baptist Church, Melbourne

Aug 1 – Unley Park Baptist Church, Adelaide

Aug 13-15 – Beyond Conference & Warnboro Baptist Church, Perth

Aug 22 – Bendigo Baptist Church, Victoria

Sep 4 – Reedy Creek Baptist Church, Gold Coast

Past Events

(click to listen or watch)

Jul 2021 – Fostering as a Single – ARK Faith & Fostering Podcast

May 2021 – Mother’s Day – Crossway Baptist Church

Apr 2021 – Interruptible Lives – Sale Baptist Church

Jan 2021 – Encourage One Another – Bendigo Baptist Church

Oct 2019 – Generational Engagement – OneHope Baptist Church

Apr 2019 – The True Effects of Porn– BIG SIS PODCAST

Nov 2018 – YMI VIDEO #1 – How should the Church approach Singleness?

Nov 2018 – YMI VIDEO #2 – What is the best way to live as a Single?

Sep 2018 – Focus on the Family interview #1 – How can we be family to those without family?

Sep 2018 – Focus on the Family interview #2 – How to do Single well.


Kimberly is available to speak at your church services or events. Use the inquiry form below to submit your request, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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