a new perspective – from the clouds

The view out of my plane window on a descent ready for landing gave me the illustration of a new perspective. 

We transitioned from brilliant sunshine and a vibrant blue sky through scattered clouds and the ground below became visible. There were the patchwork pieces of properties divided by roads, thin fence lines and rows of sprawling trees. I could clearly see the outline of the individual clouds casting shade in mirror form on the landscape, turning bright green paddocks into a darker shade and clear blue waters into murkier tones of grey. 

We then flew over a residential property. A stately established home with neat gardens, a vegetable patch and a few sheds all surrounded by a very large hedge of trees that had clearly been tended and grown over many years. Just as we came near I saw someone walk out into the front yard; stop and look up and around. 

From my vantage point I could see that there was a cloud of perfect size and shape to cast a shadow over the entirety of the property – following the hedge line almost exactly – while the area outside that boundary was bathed in brilliant sunlight. 

And I thought to myself, I bet that person has concluded that today is an overcast day. Maybe they retreated inside rather than endure the cold, grey of the air around them? Maybe they decided they wouldn’t hang the washing out or go for that walk or spend some time in the garden because the weather was inclement and uninspiring?

I wanted to tell them that it was a beautiful day! The sun was glorious. The sky was radiant. But it would’ve been hard to believe from where they stood. 

I wonder if that’s not like life in other ways for us sometimes? Where things for us seem grey, bleak, uninspiring …and yet, not too far away there is brightness and warmth and joy to be found? 


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