let’s start at the very beginning

So I did it! I completed my first ever tap class!

I encountered an early set back when the tap shoes I ordered online arrived and were the wrong size! They were too small. 

But they’re so pretty!!!!

So I had to do my first class in my good old sneakers. Clearly, anything that I got wrong was because of my inferior footwear and not at all correlated with my skill level! It was nice to have that excuse squared away early. 

Miss Abbie is the teacher. She is excellent. She said lots of dance-y words and made us repeat them because then we will remember them and then we will know what they mean and do them and then we will be doing them and that is the goal. 

Mostly what you do is flap, brush, hitch and drag and then hop, skip & jump. Oh wait, no, not the last bit. Although if you do that with a little shuffle in the middle you may just get away with looking like you know what you’re doing. 

Early learning – just because you say it out loud doesn’t mean your feet will do it. But that didn’t stop me saying it out loud – perhaps too loud – and louder the less my feet were actually responding (maybe they just couldn’t hear me?). 

Silly sneakers. I’m sure the tap shoes will work better. 

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